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Practice Areas


Cyber Security

Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. It's also known as information technology security or electronic information security. The term applies in a variety of contexts, from business to mobile computing, and can be divided into a few common categories.................

IPR Dispute & Registration

Intellectual property – whether it is a design, invention, logo, symbol or a literary and artistic work is a product of the mind. Indian IP Laws/Intellectual Property Legislation protect intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark, industrial design, geographic indicator, and patent. Intellectual property rights encourage original owners to benefit from the financial gains and protect from unauthorized use.............

Cyber Crime Litigation

Cyber-crime is a criminal activity which is carried on by the use of computers and the Internet. Some of the common cyber crimes are hacking, cyber-stalking, denial of service attack(DoS), virus dissemination, software piracy, credit card fraud & phishing. Further, Government has established cyber crime cell in major areas of the country for cybercrime investigation and prosecution. Cyber-crime cells are the one track solution towards combatting and tackling cyber-crime.........

Cyber Law Consulting is your exclusive partner for cyber and information technology laws to investigate and defend against financial frauds, media copyright infringement, data security breach, cyber forensics, Electronic information theft and other cyber law issues. We bring the desired combination of management consulting, technical expertise, and.....................

Financial / E-Commerce Crime

Financial crimes may involve fraud (cheque fraud, credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, medical fraud, corporate fraud, securities fraud (including insider trading), bank fraud, insurance fraud, market manipulation, payment (point of sale) fraud, health care fraud); theft; scams or confidence tricks; tax evasion; bribery; sedition; embezzlement; identity theft; money laundering; and forgery and counterfeiting.................

Forensic & Investigation

Our team of qualified cyber law Consultants provides a full range of cyber crime forensic and investigation services to prevent, investigate and fix increasing cyber crime, financial frauds including digital forensics. Deliver comprehensive technical services to support domestic and international cyber crime investigations such as e-discovery and advise on collection, preservation and presenting digital evidence in a court of law and render litigation support in cyber crime cases...............


Website Design & Development

Reimagine your business, with your digital presence. It's more flexible, more dynamic, more customer attractive but less costly, headache free, and next generation way to promote your business. Every business either large or small have necessity of WEBSITE Where you can share your business information, connect emotionally with your customers, increase demand of your products, services & through website you can create your business presence globally. We, PRAKASH CYBER LAWYER & DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES (PCL & DMA) have good experience in WEBSITE DESIGNING AND DEVELOPMENT.

Social Media Marketing

Now the way of marketing has been change. Your customers spend long time on any social media platforms. When they see products or services on facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin or any others, definitely they influence and create demand. As a social Marketing agency, PRAKASH CYBER LAWYER & DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY (PCL & DMA) helps you to make Social Media Strategy, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Promotions, Community Management, Social Influencer Marketing, and Social Media Advertising. So Connect with your consumers emotionally and build brand love before your competition does with one of the biggest social media marketing companies in India.

eCommerce Services

Digital consumer is not satisfied just with good quality products. Their demands are very different now. To be successful brands need to provide consistent, unique, fulfilling and personalized experience to its customer which is possible with Fully Managed End-to-End e-Commerce Solutions by PRAKASH CYBER LAWYER & DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY (PCL&DMA).
we enable Startups, brands and retailers to start selling their products/services online directly to consumers. We have developed a unique eCommerce Services ecosystem. Our ecosystem enables brands/retailers to do so using their own Exclusive Online Brand Outlet (EOBO) concept.

Business Promotion

Your business have potential but you have need to update and upgrade your strategy for growth. Grow your business with result oriented & ROI driven Marketing, Branding, eCommerce and Digital Consulting services from the best marketing consulting firms in Greater Noida. Take advantage of our business and marketing consulting services. Transform your business with our digital transformation consulting. With our Business Consulting service, we’ll help you think about your business in a whole new way. Our consultants will bring a whole new perspective your business challenges and help you see a better future with unlimited possibilities.

Content Developing & Marketing

In this Virtual and Digital World, Content is like a king. So if you want your brand more famous and visible, you must have quality & unique content for your websites/blogs/social sites. The indicator of good content is that it is eye catching, impressive, attractive, clear understandable.
Prakash Cyber Lawyer & Digital Marketing Agency, as your content writing company provides you with relevant, clean and original content that helps your website (and business) stay relevant, get more hits and generate the required buzz via your marketing campaign. Well, this is what makes PCL&DMA the best content writing companies in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Pune.

CRM / Email / SMS Marketing Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the most effective tool to increase sale and branding too. This is done via behavior driven SMS and email marketing campaigns. It also help your customers to take real time decisions & buy required products/services.
We PCL&DMA, helps your brand in delivering right into the inbox of your customers. We inform your existing customers about your brand offers and increase your reach in potential customers. With correct marketing initiatives, you can generate interest in your brand. As a Digital Marketing Agency, We makes sure that your website and content is optimized such that they generate leads.

Digital marketing, or internet marketing, means promoting your brand online. This is the process of promoting products or brands through one or more forms of electronic media.

Many people think that search engine optimization is enough. While SEO is important, it is just a part of a brand’s digital branding strategy. Digital marketing requires much more.

Digital marketing focuses on how customers interact with brands online. The aim is to engage the customer positively with the brand. This requires promoting the brand on social media, optimizing the website and building an online brand reputation.

Digital marketing is vital to your brand. With proper marketing, you can beat your competition.

Firstly, digital marketing agencies provide market insights and surveys, which helps you understand what are the demand gaps. They help your brand become more visible so that your brand features at the top of search engine results.

A good digital marketing company makes sure that your website traffic leads to more revenues via pay-per-click conversions.

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is way cheaper. It is also more targeted, so you do not have to spend above your budget by marketing to everyone. Once you know your intended customer, you can reach them directly.

Digital marketing also gives you the chance of getting immediate feedback. With the internet, it is possible to engage customers quickly and more effectively. As a result, you can get inputs fast and gauge customer reaction in real time.

This way, you can make changes in your approach or innovate your product quickly. Digital marketing gives you the means to judge customer reaction fast and adapt accordingly.

Going digital is not an option, but a necessity today. Traditional marketing agencies can do only so much. A full-service digital marketing agency in India has the expertise and foresight to position your brand in such a way that you can find your customer base and generate more revenue. The key is to remain relevant in a fast changing world and stand out in the crowd.

In other words, digital marketing is data-driven marketing. Internet marketing is highly targeted, and the results are measurable in real time.

A good digital marketing agency increases your online presence. You must build your brand with the help of the right technology, and marketing on the relevant platforms. The aim is to make you more visible on the internet and build up your brand.

A good marketing agency should help you with online reputation management and create a sustainable blueprint for revenue generation and brand expansion.

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